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Atlas O Trainman Bay Window Caboose - Reservation

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Manufacturer: Atlas O

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Along with the Extended-Vision body style, the Bay Window Caboose became one of the preferred designs for cabooses built in the 1950s and beyond. It offered improved visibility for better views of the train while in motion as well as modern amenities for the crew. This TRAINMAN model is based upon features of the Southern Pacific C-30-6 bay window cabooses of 1951, but at the same time is representative of the thousands of such cars used on American railroads.


  • Separately-applied see-through roof walk, smoke stack, brake wheel and brake lines
  • Premium die-cast couplers and friction bearing caboose trucks
  • Weighted, detailed underframes
  • Interior lighting with on/off control switch on chassis
  • 2-Rail cars feature 33" scale wheels and body-mounted scale couplers
  • Accurate and colorful decoration
  • Minimum diameter curve: O-31 (3 rail)
  • Minimum radius curve: 24" (2 rail)

Item# 3-Rail Description Item# 2-Rail
Atlas O Trainman® Bay Window Caboose - New Paint Schemes!
2001725 Undecorated 2001775
2001731 CSX* (Gray/Blue) 2001781
2001732 Milwaukee Road (Orange/Maroon) 2001782
2001733 New York Central* (Green/White) 2001783
2001734 Union Railroad (Yellow/Orange) 2001784
2001735 Bethlehem Steel (PBNE) (Yellow/Black) 2001785
2001736 US Steel (Yellow/Black) 2001786

MSRP-3Rail $65.95 ----- Our Price $58.00
MSRP-2Rail $70.95 ----- Our Price $62.00

Estimated Arrival : 3rd Quarter 2015