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Atlas O MP15DC Locomotives - New Paint Schemes - Reservation

MSRP: $499.95
Price: Reservations are now CLOSED. Call or email us for availability.
Please contact the retail store for availability at 207-655-2550
Manufacturer: Atlas O

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The 1500hp MP15DC was designed by EMD as a replacement model for the successful SW1500 switcher. The longer frame of the MP15DC allowed for increased fuel capacity and the use of Blomberg road trucks; increased sand capacity was also offered as an option. The first MP15DCs were built for Missouri Pacific in February 1974 and a total of 351 units were produced through the end of production in January 1983.
Atlas O’s model includes the three different styles of long hood that were common to the MP15DC throughout production: standard hood, hood with square air filter box and hood with angled air filter box (the air filter box is located in the area immediately ahead of the cab). In addition, various styles
of hood and cab-end sand boxes are being offered. The model will also include a see-through cab with various interior details and crew figures included.

Features Include:
  • Separately-applied scale detail parts include: windshield wipers, metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, multiple-unit hoses, snow plow, train line hoses, fine scale handrails, and more!
  • See through step detail on sill
  • Illuminated dials and gauges in the cab
  • Powerful motor with dual flywheels
  • Etched metal radiator grilles
  • Painted crew members
  • Directional lighting with golden-white LEDs
  • Improved power-pick up on 3-Rail version
TMCC Features:
  • Electric Railroad Co. “Cruise Commander” Technology
  • IMPROVED RailSounds™ digital sound system
  • LEGACY COMPATIBLE (100 Speed Steps)
  • Lionel® TrainMaster Command Control
2-Rail Gold Features:
  • Sound-equipped

30133000 Undecorated - Standard Hood 30123000
30133001 Chicago & North Western 1308 30123001
30133002 Chicago & North Western 1316 30123002
30133003 Norfolk Southern 2406 30123003
30133004 Norfolk Southern 2432 30123004
30133005 Union Railroad 22 30123005
30133006 Union Railroad 33 30123006
30133007 Bethlehem Steel (PBNE) 19 30123007
30133008 Bethlehem Steel (PBNE) 20 30123008
30133009 US Steel 170 30123009
30133010 US Steel 150 30123010

3-Rail TMCC MSRP: $499.95 ----- Our Price $420.00
2-Rail Gold MSRP: $499.95 ----- Our Price $420.00

Estimated Delivery: 4th Quarter 2015