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Atlas O California Zephyr Dome Chair Cars - Reservation (10/15 Announcement)

Price: Reservations are now CLOSED. Call or email us for availability.
Please contact the retail store for availability at 207-655-2550
Manufacturer: Atlas O

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Rail & Road:
Please note: Most all of the manufacturer photos are currently unavailable for these items. We apologize for any inconvienence. They will be uploaded once they become available.


True-scale dimensions and details
Selectable interior lighting--choose either track or self-contained battery power
Full-scale length cars, approx. 21.3” over diaphragms
Accurate representation of the stainless-steel corrugations and welding seams
Realistic aluminum finish
Full interior details and interior LED lighting
Full underbody details
Patented Adjust-A-Coupler™ system for horizontal adjustment of couplers and spacing between car
Working diaphragms
Sprung die-cast trucks
Recommended curves: O-72 Diameter (3-Rail), 40.5” Radius (2-Rail)




 CZ Dome Chair Car

 3001150 Unlettered  3002150
 3001151-1  CB&Q Silver Bridal  3002151-1
 3001151-2  CB&Q Silver Lariat  3002151-2
 3001152-1  D&RGW Silver Bronco   3002152-1
 3001152-2  D&RGW Silver Pony  3002152-2
 3001153-1  WP Silver Dollar  3002153-1
 3001153-2  WP Silver Feather  3002153-2
 3001154-3 Amtrak Silver Lariat 3002154-3
 3001154-4 Amtrak Silver Saddle 3002154-4
 3007010-1 Alaska Railroad 7032 3009010-1
 3007010-2 Alaska Railroad 7034 3009010-2

MSRP 3-Rail: $159.95 ----- Our Price $143.95
MSRP 2-Rail: $164.95 ----- Our Price $148.45

Estimated Delivery: TBA