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Atlas O 42' Coil Steel Car - New Paint Schemes & Road Numbers - Reservation

Price: Reservations are now CLOSED. Call or email us for availability.
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Manufacturer: Atlas O

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Road Name:

The increased volume of coiled steel transportation gave rise to a new purpose-built freight car. Previously rolls of coiled-steel had generally traveled in specially equipped gondola cars. In the 1960s a lighter type of car emerged specifically for hauling coils of steel in an integral trough. The car type gained popularity and eventually over 17,000 cars were built. Atlas’ model replicates a 42’ design with a distinctive fishbelly side sill.

Features Include:

  • Prototypical painting and lettering
  • See-through walks
  • Removable hood
  • Inside floor detail
  • Cut-levers
  • Includes 4 coils (2 small & 2 large)

Two road numbers are available per road name.




3001700 Undecorated 3002700

New Road Numbers!

3001716 Bethlehem Steel 3002716
3001719 US Steel 3002719

New Paint Schemes!

3001720 AK Steel 3002720
3001721 Armco Steel 3002721
3001722 CSI 3002722
3001723 Nucor 3002723
3001724 Republic Steel 3002724
3001725 Union Railroad 3002725
3001726 US Steel Geneva Works 3002726

3-Rail MSRP: $84.95 ----- Our Price $72.00

2-Rail MSRP: $89.95 ----- Our Price $77.00


Estimated Delivery: 3rd Quarter 2015