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Atlas O 3 & 6 Bay Cylindrical Hoppers - New Paint Schemes & Road Numbers - Reservation (4/17)

Manufacturer: Atlas O

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Introduced in 1961 by ACF® to haul sand, clay, salt, grain and bulk plastics, the Cylindrical Hopper was the first commercially successful tank-type covered hopper car design. A few of the more than 4,000 cars of this type built through 1966 can still be seen in service today across the United States.

Features Include:

-Accurate painting and lettering
-Spring die-cast 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
-Opening hatches
-True ¼” dimensions and details
-Realistic see through roof walks
-Separately-applied grab irons
-Separately-applied brake detail
-Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail)
-3 Bay Minimum radius curve: O-31 (3-rail)
-6 Bay Minimum radius curve: O-42 (3-rail)




  3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper  
3001210 Undecorated 3002210
  New Road Numbers!  
3001218 Burlington (Gray/Red/Black) 3002218
3001219 New York Central* (Gray/Black/Red/White) 3002219
  New Paint Schemes!  
3001220 Koppers Plastics (Gray/Black/Red/White) 3002220
3001221 Shell (Gray/Black/Red/Yellow) 3002221
  6 Bay Cylindrical Hopper  
3001211 Undecorated 3002211
  New Road Numbers!  
3001222 Chessie System (B&O)* (Yellow/Blue) 3002222
  New Paint Schemes!  
3001223 Burlington Northern (Green/White) 3002223

Two road numbers are available per road name.

3R MSRP $72.95 ----- Our Price $65.65
2R MSRP $77.95 ----- Our Price $70.15

Estimated Arrival: 4th Quarter 2017