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Atlas 50' PS-1 Single Door Box Cars (Modernized) - Reservation

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Manufacturer: Atlas O

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Rail & Road:
Atlas O’s 50' PS-1 Box Car represents a classic American freight car from the 1950s and 1960s, when fifty-foot box cars became the standard. Many railroads of the period operated Pullman Standard's box cars, but details were often specific to each company. One of details that differed was the supplier of the doors (Youngstown or Pullman Standard styles).

Features Include:
-Highly detailed ABS body
-50-ton Bettendorf or 70-ton roller-bearing sprung die-cast trucks as per the prototype (70-ton roller-bearing trucks come with rotating bearing caps)
-Youngstown or Pullman Standard style doors as per the prototype 
-Separately-applied grab irons, ladders and brake line details
-Minimum diameter curve: O-36 (3-rail)
-Minimum radius curve: 36" (2-rail)
-Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail)
-Kadee®-compatible scale couplers (2-rail)
-3-Rail trucks are pre-drilled to accept Adjust-a-Coupler® Scale Couplers (Available Separately)




 O 50' PS-1 Single Door Box Car (Modernized)

3005700 Undecorated (standard underframe) 3006700
3005701 Conrail 3006701
3005702 Louisville & Nashville (Family Lines) 3006702
3005703 Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 3006703
3005704 Rio Grande 3006704
3005705 Rock Island "The Rock" 3006705
3005706 Santa Fe 3006706

Two road numbers are available per road name.

MSRP 3-Rail: $79.95 ----- Our Price $71.95
MSRP 2-Rail: $84.95 ----- Our Price $76.45

Estimated Delivery: 2nd Quarter 2016